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Trinket seller at market who used his hands as feetMr Thai , an artist who has been selling his works on Dong Koi Street for over 58 years.Xe Om or Moto Taxi waiting for customer on Dong Koi StreetConstruction workers take a break on Dong Koi StreetBalloon seller outside the Five Star Rex HotelReflection on Le Lai Street 2Helmets on display at shop on Le Lai StreetZoom effect on Vietnam Airline staff at Tan Son Nhut AirportGirl weighs herself on luggage scales at Tan Son Nhut AirportZoom effect on passengers at departure area Tan Son Nhut AirportDiners on Hai Trieu StreetNight scene on Hai Trieu StreetBusy Restaurant on Ham Nghi StreetMother and daughter buying meat on Ham Nhgi SteetNight market butchersBBQ duck and pork on Ham Nhgi StreetBanh Mi Stall at nightButchers shop at a market near Pasteur StreetCustomers at shop on Ton That Dam StreetSteamed chickens hanging in shop