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A gallery of images from the morning of May 23rd 2016 when President Barack Obama visited Hanoi Vietnam and lifted the arms embargo that had been in place since the end of the USA/Vietnam War. The images are in the order taken at the reception at the Presidential Palace.
Flags outside of the Presidential PalaceStatue of Uncle Ho in garden at the rear of the Presidential PalaceVietnamese photographer arrivesFinishing touchesOnly another hour to goUS and Vietnamese security working togetherWaiting after last practice run in the front of the PalaceQuick photo before the ceremonyMarking lines for where the military band are to line upSection of the Press PoolLast minute sweep of red carpetVietnamese photographerVietnamese dignitaryNew York Times Doug MillsNYT Doug MillsSecurity at workBalcony of PalaceSecurity working togetherSchool children setting up to welcome President ObamaSchool kids practice the flag wave